Artist: Jaclyn Napoli

Jaclyn Napoli is hard at work on another beautiful piece during her the first period AP Studio Art class. Now a senior, she has been gracing theAP Studio Art class with her talents since sophomore year. when she  She was one of three tenth graders allowed in the upperclassmen-only course. Her drawing style is distinguishable and draws her classmates’ attention as they walk past her table. They can’t help but stare at her incredibly detailed work.


What’s your favorite medium to work with and why?

Colored pencils because you can really work with the detail of every picture. I guess I really like to see the detail and work with a fine point in my work.

What inspires you to draw?

I’ve been drawing ever since I was young. My dad really worked with me when I was younger, and I guess I just like to express myself by drawing because I can’t like sing or do anything else.

How long have you been drawing?

As long as I can remember.

What subject matters do you like to draw the most and why?

Anything that really comes to mind. Usually I look for an image, just anything., and I draw what I see. I guess still lifes because they’re just sitting there and they’re there all the time.

What is your favorite piece that you’ve made?

It’s hard to tell. It’s hard to say which one. I guess the pisces and the crab from the zodiac because that one took me probably a little over a month. I worked on it everyday and did the details with the colored pencils. That piece took me so long because it was my first piece for concentration when I was a sophomore., and I had no idea what I was doing. I figured I would just work really slow and take my time. I really liked the piece, though.

Are you planning to pursue a career in art?

I’m definitely thinking of pursuing graphic design because everything is on the computer nowadays. It’s hard to find real studio art and I don’t know where that would get me. So, graphic design and graphic communications is what I’m thinking.


Photographer: Chandler Sutton

Chandler Sutton is a shy, talented photographer who brings her creativity everywhere she goes. She can take amazing photos in any environment she is put in, and she sees the beauty of the world through her camera lens. Although she is only eighteen years old, her talent radiates through her photos, and she has been inspired ever since she picked up a camera.

Where do you get your inspiration for your photos?

I don’t really have a specific place I get inspired by. Kind of just where I go. If I bring my camera with me, then I’ll just find things to take pictures of.

Do you have a certain place where you love taking pictures?

There’s not really a specific place. I like going to beaches and like downtown areas because there are interesting things to find, and there’s always interesting architecture.

What sparked your passion for photography?

I originally got a nice camera because we went on an Alaskan cruise, and I wanted to take good pictures. I just really liked taking pictures, so I kinda just kept doing it when we went places then I started doing it for fun.

What motivates you to continue taking pictures?

The main thing right now is that I’m in Photo 2, so I have to take photos. But I just like to do it for fun, so sometimes my mom will tell me, “Hey, we are going someplace so bring your camera.” Sometimes when I’m bored and have nothing else to do, I’ll just drive around and try to find places to take pictures of.

What type of photography do you like the most?

I like landscape more than taking pictures of people because people don’t always cooperate.

What’s the most challenging part about being a photographer?

The most challenging part is trying to find interesting angles because there are so many straight-on angles that you can take. Everybody takes those, so you have to mess around and try to figure out something different. Also some people really don’t take it seriously because they are like, “Oh, if you have a nice camera, all the pictures look nice,” or, “I can take photos too because I have an Instagram and an iPhone.” So it’s kinda hard.  

What’s your photographic style?

I wouldn’t necessarily say that I have much of a style, I just like either getting really close or from different angles. I usually do low angles because I’m short, and then I just squat down more and combine interesting angles. I like shadowy or really bright and colorful pictures, whatever works best for the mood of the photo.

What do you like most about being a photographer?

Its really fun, and it helps you see the world from different points of view. Sometimes you find -- it’s kind of cliché -- but you can find beauty in things that you wouldn’t think. You’ll take a picture of a certain angle of a street corner and you’ll be like, “Wow, that’s actually really cool.”

Do you do shoots with people?

I do shoots with people sometimes because I need it to build my portfolio.

How long have you been into photography?

Since 2012. So that’s about five years because that’s when I got my first camera.