Fashion Icon: Jacqueline Hofmann

Jacqueline Hoffmann has a classy, timeless style about her. The signature Jacqueline blend of minimal clothing with her touch of creativity makes her stand out in a crowd. As well as being involved in FIDM, a club on campus that focuses on fashion design, Hoffmann also runs her own blog: “Leap Into Fashion,” It’s an artistic outlet for Jacqueiline, aswhere you can get an insight of her prevailing taste. You can visit “Leap Into Fashion” for DIYs, fashion tips, lookbooks, and to shop.

Describe your style in 3 words

Inspired, because it’s inspired by my mom and a bunch of different styles. Unique, because I like combining different styles. Cheap, because I don’t spend a lot of money on my clothes piece by piece.

Why did you create your blog and what does the name represent?

A little bit would have to do with me wanting to do something unique for college apps and something that appealed to my passion. My parents were like, ‘You should just do it,’ and my friends said I have a nice sense of style. I was like why not express it on an online platform where I can do what I want. It’s called “Leap Into Fashion.” My biggest trouble was finding a name for it; I think it’s about leaping into something and not really thinking about it. Just doing what you like and what appeals to you: That’s what I strive to do on my blog.


What inspires your daily wear and love for fashion?

I really like a lot of fashion bloggers like Aimee Song from Song of Style. She got me going into the fashion blogging scene. She had a really cool style I hadn’t seen in magazines before, and she was an ordinary-looking girl, so that also appealed to me. Also my mom because she was a costume designer, so she had influence over my love for fashion. I also like looking through catalogs of “Made Well” or “Free People.”

When styling an outfit, what is the most important part of the ensemble?

That’s hard. I would say jackets are the most important thing; each one is different. I have so many green jackets, because I went through this phase where everything had to be a green jacket, but I also love blazers and bomber jackets and leather jackets and jean jackets. So I think jackets would probably be the most important thing because they cover up everything and they look good with everything.

Do you see fashion as an art form?

Yes, fashion is definitely a form of art. Fashion is a way of displaying your creativity, which is ultimately what art is meant to do.

How do music and fashion correspond?

Music is like fashion in the way that it changes with different stages of your life. When I was younger, I was more into pop music, and I would wear very basic kinds of things. Now, I'm more into indie music and I like rock a lot. It really translates into my style, which I would say is classy sometimes and sometimes is not so classy.

As a fashion icon at West Ranch, what is advice you would give to fellow students that are looking to get into the fashion world?

I would say don't feel limited by what you perceive to be on trend and stylish; just go with what you think is aesthetically pleasing, what looks good on you, and what you feel good in. You can have like the most “on-trend outfit,” and you just won’t feel comfortable or good in it. That means it’s not a good outfit for you. I would just say to wear what you want because life is short-ish. Dressing for yourself is most important because you are never going to feel good, comfortable or like what you wear if you buy it just because you think that is what will make you cool.