Collection by Ashley Pagsibigan

By: Ashley Pagsibigan

"My work is mainly based off of people modeling as a subject. My photos tend to have a lot of variety, ranging from positive and bright to dramatic and black and white. I like taking pictures that are pleasing to the eye and images that I am proud to look at and call mine."

Collection by Olivia Go

By: Olivia Go

"I take photos and write stories. I want to be an author one day. I usually write fictional stories in a high school setting that could actually happen. In photography I don't just take one type of photo, instead I take photos of anything that catches my eye. Although I do like to take photos of people over landscapes."


By: Brandon Arana

"It's a picture taken at 3rd Street Promenade, which is one of my favorite places to just chill and enjoy life. There's always good vibes and entertainment."

Ventura Palms

Ventura Palms

By: Una Stanisavljevic

"Whenever I go to Ventura, I get a very positive vibe because all my life I've been living next to the beach. And for my work being shown on Suburbia's Lit Mag would be in my honor. I enjoy overall taking photos that make me happy and enjoy life."