Learning How to Sew

By Olivia Go

I can’t sew

I’ve never been able

Watching me sew is like watching my grandma try to work cable

But you were a great seamstress

I depended on you to fix things right up

You were the potter

I was the broken cup

I thought we worked together

But to you that meant less than today’s weather


I can’t sew

I’ve never been able

And I never really realized what this meant until you weren’t there

Until I realized how much I needed you

And I thought that maybe you needed me too

But I guess I was wrong

Because you found someone new

Didn’t blink twice, never felt blue

And at first I didn’t know how to be on my own

There was a hole in my heart that needed to be sewn

Where were you to fix it?

Off sewing up someone who wasn’t me

They say if you love someone, set them free

But what about me and my hole in my heart

The feeling of loneliness was just bitter not tart

My happiness matters too you know

I guess you really don’t care though


I couldn’t sew

I had never been able

Always holding in my feelings

Living in fear of getting stuck with the “jealous girl” label

You tore my heart and kept a piece of it in your pocket

To be accidentally washed along with some coins and your brother’s toy rocket

It’s a piece I’ll never get back but I piece I have learned to patch

I should thank you even if we weren’t the best match

Because without you, I’ve created the best climate for me to grow

The very best climate for me to sow