By Olivia Go and Abigail Abraham 

Magnolias wilt in the fall, as she does

Like a flower, she’s gentle and kind

But no one understands what’s on her mind

Girls say mean things behind her back

They ruin her self worth over their lunchtime snack

She walks home alone, leaves crunching beneath her feet

In rhythm with how her broken heart beats

She tells herself live one more day


Magnolias die in the winter, as she does

Winter Formal she gets a date

She sits in her dress waiting for him as it starts to get late

He never shows

He only asked her as a dare

She expected a limo and a rose

But all she got was a dress she would never wear

Feeling pathetic and alone she shuts her eyes closed

She tells herself live one more day


Magnolias bloom in the springtime, as she does

The mean girls never stopped talking

But now her heart had an unbreakable blocking

Prom rolled around

She got asked by another boy

But she said no and went alone

Because now, her own company gave her the most joy

She found happiness within herself

And when she walks home along a path of fresh flowers

She tells herself to live another day

Except this time, living wasn’t a chore

And that is the way it would permanently stay