I, the Watering Can


By: Sophia Kriegel

I pour myself into people with such softness

Such clean water coolness

It is my best quality

And my worst

These roses

Wilted long before I arrived

But I will still water them

I will still wait for them

Because I know one day they will smile again

In this garden

Of gold dust and good things

One day they will not hang their heads

In hollow heaviness

They will look at me

They will love me

I, the Watering Can

The fickle flower warrior

I gave them all of me

Their roots

Wrapped around my wrists

So tightly

They must love me

Why hold on so tight

If they do not love me

These cold corpses of petals

And pale pink

I pour out all the pretty pieces of me

Watch them soak up my sunshine

Now I just wait

I just water

One day I will give them enough