To Heal

By Ariana Zamani

I talk about the past things in life that we forget. Sand, water, flowers.. things so small and seem so meaningless but can have the power to give the most meaning. Things that made you smile for just a second... were powerful enough to make you smile for just that second, and can make you smile right now all over again for one more second. I wrote this with the thought of how everything in my past is now. Friends, the first horse I ever met, the first dog I ever pet, the small cat I bought for my use to be best friend, my use to be best friend... I thought about this all and I realized that everything in my past is a memory that runs through my brain and still has the power to strike the heart. A speck of sand can still be left on my skin, that droplet of water could still be trickling down my neck, the roots from that flower can resemble my veins... everything is important, and everything can have the power to heal.