By Cherry X

Don't tell me I'm beautiful if I'm not worth your time.
Don't tell me I'm funny when you aren't even mine.
I think of your compliments way late in the night,
To make me feel warm, to make me feel right.

Your words are like steam, hot comforting and then gone
Much like the way you speed off in your car, blasting dumb songs
Those deep chocolate eyes, the way you hide a smirk
The way your voice echoes when you visit me at work.

The words "Don't catch feelings" leave your mouth sometimes
Making me feel dumb, making you not mine.
As much as I say, "They're just a quick fling"
Every time we talk or kiss you make my heart sing.

So maybe I shouldn't have gotten wrapped up with someone with no time.
Someone who's not even worth being called mine.
The heart works in mysterious and painful ways,
You always leave me longing for brighter, better, days.