My Favorite Color

By Taylr Smaw

people are getting caught up in the colors
no one ever wonders what’s on the other side
vibrant colors
please give her love
she is this majestic figure
she is none other than the only one who cares
i love you moon

now that the colors are gone
what are they gonna do now?
fake care?
until the day strikes again
no one enjoys the dark like i do
i may be scared, but it’s my safe place
no one belongs here but me
i wish happiness on everyone

the people with lives stare at us
like we aren’t trying
we all see the sunset
don’t jump off
the air feels nice
jumping into the colors
all feelings go away
all colors leave
except red

she thinks it was a little phase
that it wouldn't last
but here i am
in class
staring at a red dot
hoping i'll be the next spot
right between my eyes
we're all dead
not just me
but those without glee
we will fall
without a call