Benefits of Pressing Start

Benefits of Pressing Start

By: Sam Haro

From Mario Brothers to Call of Duty, video games can be found in almost every modern home
across the nation. Boys and girls sit in front of monitors with controllers in their hands, while
parents are considered about their kid’s well-being and health. Parents then proceed to nag and complain causing the loss of yet another life. The player then is yelled at by their team for being the ending kill or missing the enemy player. Lastly, the host then kicks you for being inactive. This I know all too well of. Parents, your kids are not “missing out on socializing” or “rotting their brains”. Gamers, I will take my thank yous and praises now, for here are some reasons as to why playing video games causes no harm.

Rotting of the brain is not one of the causes of being a gamer. It is actually the contrary. In
2014, researchers Adam Eichenbaum, Daphne Bavelier, and C. Shawn Green wrote about their
study on the benefits of video games. They concluded that there are “long-lasting positive
effects of video games on basic mental processes--such as perception, attention, memory, and

Next socializing is not a problem when gaming. “Online friends are real friends,” states youtuber personality Cryaotic. He has met all his closest friends, including his girlfriend, from the internet. Video games don't keep you from socializing, team building games such as Battlefield and Overwatch help improve an individuals socializing skills.

Now for the final battle, every gamer is told “that game is so violent” or “don't play such
gruesome games” or “why did you drive your car into that old lady?!” Of course we all know
what specific game I am talking about: Grand Theft Auto. Yes, this game is based on drug-dealing, hookers, terrible driving, machine guns, and torturing a man. Just pretty much
everything you can't legally do in the actual world. Which is the point, these things you do in the,game don't affect the real world. You can go online angry about something going on in your life then feel better after playing for a few hours. It's like punching a pillow, no one will actually get hurt.

So, gamer girls and boys my last wise words to you before you continue on your adventures
through the kingdom of Hyrule or the Coastal Forest is that video games may not hurt you yet, it is good to get out of your house occasionally.