Window of the Soul

Window of the Soul

By: Anonymous

Like looking into people’s eyes. It's like a window, really. A closed off window that holds an entire world that you may never be able to see. The only person who can see that world is the soul behind the eyes you're looking into. Imagine the potential. Seven and a half billion different worlds and universes with different interpretations and colors and meanings and wonders that you will never see.


But is that not what makes each world beautiful? The delicacy of each one holds a powerful truth true only to the soul who lives in it. My truth is much different than yours, but is just as important as yours in the grand scheme of life. Truth be told, in the grand scheme of life we are but insignificant specks of dust. But each one holds another world that has it's own insignificant specks of dust. And you may see the dust differently than I. You may see life and wonder in it, where I may see pointlessness.


That does not make the windows into my soul any less important than yours. In interpretation, there is no superiority or inferiority. There is what your eyes see, and there is what my eyes see. I can't see your world, as you can't see mine. My red may not be as vibrant as yours, my grass may not be as prickly. My bread may taste better than yours, not because of the real world quality of the bread but because of the way our eyes perceive it.


And still after all of this, there is but one more truth.


Our eyes have yet to truly open.


We see one interpretation out of seven and a half billion. Until we can see more than just our own world, our eyes will never truly open. They'll just be windows into our souls that people can only dream to look into. Perhaps one day we may have the insight to experience the world that others see. But that would require a selflessness that is not seen in humanity: a certain separation of body and mind that may not even be possible. This may be nothing more than a hopeless dream. To hope and believe that we can someday experience the world as others experience it and for others to experience the world as we do? Perhaps an impossibility, though maybe not.


For now, we look upon the world with tired eyes. The world we know, individually. Are you tired of it? Perhaps looking through the window of the soul into another world may provide newfound energy and enthusiasm for your own. And perhaps, one day, we may have that option.