By: Sophia Coleman

I feel sad for our generation

If I’m being real

Too many kids getting violent

Because of how they feel

We preach love online

For likes and favs

But when put in a situation

Hate is our slave

Our schools tell us to sit still

Get mad when we talk

Strip away our personalities

Keep all the doors locked

They tell us how to be

How to look or act

Then test us on individualism

And get mad when we don’t pass

Since when is rape a crime

At the fault of a girl

Who was confident enough

In a skirt with her hair curled

We ask

‘Were you drunk?’


‘Are you okay?’

I don’t want to have a daughter

If she’ll grow up that way

Black people are shot

For doing nothing at all

‘Black lives matter’

Another kid up on the wall

Racism is alive

Even though it’s not on a bus seat

Just because you close your eyes

Doesn’t mean people can’t see

The hate in our hearts

I thought we had grown

Everybody is always judging

People turning against their own

If we want our kids to be kind

We have to take the lead

Show what real love is

Help a world in need