Work by Lauren Ruiz

I used bright neon colors to capture the warm, electric vibe from the woman's face and hair. I wanted to be spontaneous with this fauvism piece, as I didn't have much of a plan... I totally just went for it!

A$AP Rocky

I was inspired by A$AP Rocky's Instagram to paint this Fauvism style piece. I wanted to capture the vibrant energy he gives off through his music and fashion choices, as I went for a more tasteful, spontaneous approach.

Lutris Singing

By: Christian Gutierrez

"I made this drawing on a digital art program called Paint Tool SAI. First I made a sketch of what it would look like on a layer. Next I put another layer over it to trace over the previous layer, and add adjustments to it. My character just singing while waiting to cross the road. She lives in Northern California."


By: Cynthia Samano

"This is a colored pencil portrait of my older brother when he was a baby. It's one of my favorite pieces because it captures the more playful side of him while still showing his sassiness."


La Fou

By: Kenny Cosme

"For this piece, I originally had to only do a still-life of fruits, flowers, and this metal bucket. I really wanted to encapsulate my vision and soul into a single piece and I feel like I did that tenfold. I can see people associating this piece with feeling out of place at times, or feeling as though you ruined something significantly. However, it's alright because you find a way to make all parties in the equation shine bright."

La Fou


By: Eva Schroeder

"This piece was my final project for my art school semester program. It was an in depth look at my Synesthesia and my emotions, and a privacy I usually do not share with people. Each bed sheet (using bed sheets as a canvas to symbolize vulnerability) represents a different emotion and the color linked with that. Specifically, we see Anger, Fear, Happiness, Apathy, Insecurity, and Depression. All the portraits were painted one at a time to truly capture that emotion in the moment, and were painted with acrylic, water, and my hands and feet."